Who We Serve


As a small business owner, it’s hard enough to serve in all of your different roles and keep your customers happy. As one satisfied small business owner told us, “This has saved us legal fees, headaches and freed up my time to do more productive activities for the business.


Dealing with insurance remittances and rules takes enough time and personnel. Don’t write off outstanding accounts because you don’t have the staff resources to pursue them. Our company can help you collect outstanding amounts for co-pays.


Business to business debts pose unique challenges, but also have different collection options. All other means of collection are available, but our company can also send a private investigator to visit your debtor and collect your check.

Our Team

Marketing Analyst

Nicole is a prolific part of the SEO community
world wide and contributes regularly to publications on and offline as well as best practice guides and round tables.

SEO Expert

Since graduating, Paul has worked for a marketing capability consultancy managing a variety of client projects including Aviva, Hewlett Packard, Honda.

Founder, SEO Expert

Tina Johnson is the founder and CEO of SeoAgent. She has been working in Marketing since 2001 and got “bit” by the “SEO & Social” bug in 2005.

How We Collect


Give us a call to discuss your situation

If your claim is qualified for our services, we will provide a written estimate. If we can’t help you, we will refer you to a well-suited colleague in the Referral Network.


A seasoned debt collector will
personally manage the case

After an initial consultation, a seasoned debt collector will personally manage the case, calling upon our network of industry specialists for strategic counsel as needed.


Your project lead will listen to your detailed side of the story

We will research the client or customer in question, including your documented correspondence before, during and after the transaction.


Your team will customize a plan to recover your money

We don’t make specific tactics public to maintain our strategic advantage but we’ll fully explain our strategy to our clients before we execute the plan.

We'll turn your
bad debt into cash!



Valuex Collection Agency is one of the largest receivables management companies in the U.S. We’re big enough to meet your needs through a variety of resources and innovative technologies and yet not so big that we can’t move fast and provide tailor-made solutions. Being family owned and privately held gives us the continuity and stability our customers have been relying on for three generations.

Additionally, we work for clients, not stockholders. We stay on top of the latest government and industry regulations – so you don’t have to – and we comply with all local, state and federal regulations governing collection agencies.